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Monthly club membership provides full access to fresh & innovative live virtual, interactive experiences that are curated especially for adults with developmental disabilities.

From meaningful classes & clubs to exciting adventures, workshops & special events, club members can participate in as little or as much as they’d like throughout the month, all for one low monthly membership fee.

mindfulness groups

Mindfulness Groups

Start each day by taking care of your mind, body and soul! Increase focus & attention, improve emotional regulation & boost self-esteem.
disney lovers club

Disney Lovers' Club

A high-energy social group celebrating all things Disney! Participate in skill-building activities, all while having a magical time! Ears encouraged.
weekly adventures

Weekly Adventures

Spark imagination, build new skills
& make new friends through escape rooms, game shows, around-the-world expeditions, virtual field trips & more! 


Express Yourself Classes

Learn to express yourself through different mediums, build self-esteem, self-confidence, and have your voice and feelings heard! Activities will vary each week to keep things fresh, exciting, and inspiring!

team building workshops

Team Building Classes

A highly engaging, collaborative experience where we use the pillars of teamwork such as brainstorming, problem-solving, turn-taking and respecting diverse perspectives to have fun and express creativity! 

special events and night life

Special Events & Night Life

Enjoy a weekly special event in the Clubhouse such as Bingo Night, Trivia Night, Game Show Night, Movie Night and more! Night life helps us to connect with peers, stay productive, and most importantly…have fun!

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