Our Current Programming

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Start each day by taking care of your mind, body and soul! Increase focus & attention, improve emotional regulation & boost self-esteem. A daily dose of inspiration & motivation!
A high-energy social group celebrating all things Disney! Participate in skill-building activities, all while having a magical time! Mouse ears encouraged.
Spark imagination, build new skills & make new friends through different themed activities each week. From escape rooms and game shows to around-the- world expeditions, each week brings you a brand-new adventure!
Tap into your authentic inner self as we get creative, imaginative & expressive! Explore self-awareness and reflection through unique conversations and activities each week.
Fresh & energizing weekly classes that boost discipline, flexibility, mental focus & creative thinking! Work cooperatively & build relationships.
Action-packed special events are planned for every weekend! Enjoy a night of fun and friendship with a different exciting theme each week.
Relax, create, and socialize after dark! Wind down your evening by creating unique work of art and ending the day with friends.
This high-energy class celebrates all things music! Join us weekly for singing, trivia, karaoke, music videos, competitions, and of course… to get your groove on!
Coming to a screen near you! Grab some popcorn and crowd-watch a movie with friends each week. Club members vote on a movie each week to watch and discuss!
Boost your pop culture knowledge and stay informed on current events, TV, movies, animation, comic books, video games, Broadway, and more. We’ll get together once a week to enjoy exciting activities and have a lively discussion about the popular things we know and love.
The mind is like an instrument that must be well-tuned and used regularly! Brain games keep our minds sharp and in tip-top shape. Increase your memory, logic, and reasoning skills while having fun with friends!
It’s your turn to be the judge! Each week, we will watch a series of curated digital content that covers a variety of interesting topics and themes. Then you will vote! Which was the funniest? Which was the silliest? Which is the best? You be the judge!
Every week, we’ll journey through the exciting world of television games shows and play fun, interactive games such as Jeopardy, Family Feud, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Cash Cab, The Price is Right, and more! So, it’s your turn to come on down and have some fun!
What do you get when you mix Trivia with Bingo? TRINGO, of course! Challenge your brain, learn new things, and face off with friends as we combine the fun of Trivia and excitement of Bingo. TRINGO is the best of both worlds!
Adulting 101 teaches real-world skills every adult needs to know, like problem-solving & decision making, coping and managing stress, maintaining healthy relationships, and how not to get eaten by a bear. Okay, we’re only joking about the last one, but we promise this course will teach you skills that will help you thrive in the real world.